Ahmed Maawy, the newest hire to the SwiftRiver project, recently compiled this great ‘how-to’ guide on writing plugins for SwiftRiver applications like Sweeper and SwiftMeme. These plugins can mostly be found at http://plugins.swiftly.org while the wishlist for things we’d like to see built can be found here. For a great example of how Swift plugins work.
U St. Brainstorming Session January 29, 2011
Patrick Meier and some friends and users of Swift stopped by Affinity Labs in Washington a few days ago with some great suggestions and feature requests for the next release of our Sweeper application. Our work was largely centric around rethinking user interaction options. It was an exciting day and we’re really looking forward to incorporating these sugg.
SwiftRiver Dataflow Infographic January 28, 2011
I’m often asked about the architecture of the SwiftRiver platform. There’s been so much written about, talked about and presented to date that I thought I’d take a different approach. So rather than bore you with another long blog post, I thought I’d share some visuals that explain the system. PDF | Video | High-Res Image If the images above are too small.